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A Unique Homeschool Community Serving Colorado Families 

Christian academia with a classical methodology approach 

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How it all began...

My name is Cindy, and I am a mom of seven wonderful children, whom i home schooled K-12. In 2011, a handful of families came together with a vision to provide our high school students an opportunity to experience a high level of academic expectation and a strong community in which they could finish up their high school years. Pulling from the talents of the parents, a curriculum was written and a mission statement was put into place. Surprisingly, these 8 high school students came with over 30 primary and middle school siblings and the direction for Arrows Academy grew overnight. With awe and humility, Arrows Academy kicked off our school year in August of 2011. 

Each year is an exciting new adventure with our families at Arrows Academy Colorado. We invite you to learn a little bit about us and join us for one of our open upcoming information meeting or an open house. 

Cindy Ritter,

Founder and Director 

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What Makes Us Different

There are a few distinct characteristics which sets Arrows Academy apart from  other home school co-ops found in the Denver metro area. First and foremost, our study plan and daily school schedule starts with the Bible and the teaching and discipleship of the Christian faith to our students. Each week when we gather, we start with community chapel. Immediately following chapel, our students head to their respective Bible class. From there, our students attend a humanities class, literature/writing class, science, art, and an assortment of electives for the high school students. Arrows approaches academia with a classical methodology approach focusing on the grammar stage (K-6), dialectic stage (7-8), and the rhetoric stage (grade 9-12). Each family receives a carefully designed study guide for their students which is followed both at home and in the classroom throughout the school year.


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