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High School Program

Tools In Their Toolbox
Lisa Jamison and Cindy Ritter
The vision we had for our high school age children was the starting point for Arrows Academy Colorado.  We knew that we wanted them to be "good thinkers" with both wisdom and knowledge.  We knew that we wanted our children to be able to accurately communicate the "hope that was within them".  We wanted our kids to see where God was at work in the world in which they live and learn to love people who are different from them.  From these values, we established the high school curriculum.  It is rigorous and complete in the way it equips our students for higher education, with a strong emphasis on relationship with God, fellow students, and the tutors who pour into them.  We encourage our high school students to build lifelong friendships through interactive class time and extra curricular opportunities for service. 
High School Bible Class
Events For High School Students
Spring Protocol
The high school years for any student is a time of anticipation and maturity as they complete the final leg of their required schooling years. At Arrows Academy, we celebrate the completion of another school year with a “formal” event planned by the high school moms. We encourage our students to dress in formal attire and enjoy practicing their very best etiquette at a fancy restaurant and attendance at a play at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.

Amazing Race before Protocol

Let's Travel the World Together

Dominican Republic

Before Arrows Academy even began, our small community of families began
incorporating travel into the yearly course study for our high school students. Each year in the spring, we take a select group of Arrows students somewhere unique in the world. One year, we will participate in a missions oriented trip and the following year, we explore a location that is closely related to the area of study in our Humanities class. Yes, when we study Antiquities we travelled to Israel and during Christendom we journey to Europe. Each student is encouraged to participate in our excursions, and we attempt to make this important part of high school an affordable component for each family. A parent is required to travel with their child unless they are a senior and have travelled with us previously.


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