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 Arrows Academy Colorado Distinctives 

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Arrows Academy is committed to providing a strong educational structure for our families, but with equal importance we value the support and ministry to our dedicated moms in our community. Our leadership team, who are veteran home school moms that have celebrated the graduation of several of our children, have years of experience and wisdom. Working together as a healthy community is the target each year at Arrows. In order for Arrows Academy to function optimally, each mom is required to participate in the teaching of the various classes on Thursdays. We are not a drop off program and we welcome all the wonderful talents each of our moms possess.

Our students are divided into classes K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12.  It is important that we give each student valuable input each class time, so class sizes are limited to 10.  The exception to this is high school which has 15 students.  We meet each Thursday 8:30 am until 2:45 pm. 


Four Year Cycle of Education 

Arrows Academy follows a four year cycle of study for their humanities (history, literature, and art) class. The cycles are as follows: Antiquities, Christendom, American Culture, and Modernity. Science and Bible class are grade specific and not historically focused. A typical Thursday has Bible, History/Geography, Literature/Writing/Grammar, Art and Science for all K-12 students. We do not offer mathematics at Arrows Academy but do have numerous resources to help you in deciding the appropriate curricula and level for your child.
Arrows Academy will provide a booklist and study guide to you for each of your students. This resource will take you and your student step-by- step for all subjects throughout your school year.  Additionally, we offer training in the summer at our Mom's Retreat and come alongside you throughout the year if any question or concerns arise.

Middle School Monologues

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